Inside ALPHA

Our Vision

Through our training and coaching as well as demonstration, instruct you to invest like a pro with a low level of risk, regardless of what the financial markets do.

About Inside ALPHA

Inside ALPHA's founder is none other than Marc Mayor, a financial professional who was a broker in stocks, options and futures, then asset manager before being part of the general management of one of the two big Swiss banks. Some of his mentions and references in media are listed below.

Our History

For a dozen years, Marc Mayor collaborated with Agefi (Switzerland) as part of a weekly column; his writings (several hundred articles) remain accessible to subscribers through the site's archives. One of his articles published in Haute Finance, a supplement to l'Agefi (Suisse), in 2001 is available by clicking here. The latest article in its section is available by clicking here.

Véronique Bühlmann of Banque & Finance magazine has written articles describing certain investment principles advocated by the Inside ALPHA Group: the first in 2007 and the second in 2009.

Marc Mayor also wrote some articles for the magazine Arrondir ses fins de mois, available here; for several years, he also wrote a weekly column for the magazine Moneyweek France. Online, Marc has collaborated with La Chronique Agora, the Trader's Note and the Raw Materials and Currencies Editorial.

More recently, the newspaper Le Temps devoted two paragraphs to Marc Mayor. Here is the link.


In the morning newspaper of the RSR with Nicolas Hayek, Marc Mayor sheds light on the announced death of American car manufacturers. To listen to this interview, click here.

An article by Marc Mayor cited by Jean-François Moulin in his Press Review of November 14, 2008, to listen to here.